Gold Teeth FAQ offers the highest quality of removable gold and/or diamond caps. Removable caps are teeth like accessories that fit over your existing caps or teeth.

Gold teeth have been a fashion accessory for hundreds of years and continue to be in style accessories for all generations.

At we offer gold/platinum and/or diamond caps that can be customized in a variety of ways. We offer free designing, engraving, diamond cut designs, and hundreds of styles available to choose from.

To order our custom gold teeth or for pricing, click on the “live support” button or call 505-710-1440. The price shown is for a custom kit. In order to purchase your gold teeth you must purchase a custom kit which will provide you with everything you need to get started with your order. D.B.D Custom Gold Teeth are quality real gold and diamond accessories for your teeth. Our custom teeth are made with 10,14,18,and 22 Karat gold and Platinum by our team of highly skilled professionals.If you have any questions, continue to read this page, click the “live support” button, or call 505-710-1440.

For designs of our custom gold & diamond teeth click the following link: Gold Teeth

The following are a few common questions answered for gold teeth:

1. How do I get started?
To begin the process of getting your very own custom fit custom gold teeth you will need to choose a design. You can choose a design from the shopping cart in the gold teeth section or create your very own design. Next you will need to take a dental mold. To order you can visit our store located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, order a "custom kit" online, telephone, fax, or e-mail.

 2. What is a mold?
A dental mold is an impression or molding imprint of your teeth. You will need a mold in order for the expert jewelers to accurately make your gold teeth. There are three ways to get a mold: 1. you can get a dental mold from a local dentist. You can come into our store and take your mold on site, or if you are not in town you can 3. Order a "Custom Kit" from our website.

 3. What is a Custom Kit?
Custom kits consist of: impression material to take an imprint of your teeth, instructions on how to take a mold, a design sheet, anything else you may need to help complete your order, and a safe return envelope to send your kit back to us.

 4. How do I submit my own design?
You can submit your design when you purchase a "Custom Kit", there will be an option to do this, or you can e-mail your contact information and design to or faxing 1-505-710-1440. As soon as we receive your design we will contact you with details and pricing. Please include a name and phone number.

 5. What types of metals can be used on teeth?
We use the same dental gold that dentist use for caps and fillings. We offer 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K dental gold and Platinum. For pricing on gold caps see our custom gold teeth order form at the bottom of the page.

6. What is the smallest and cheapest diamond size that can be set in the teeth?
The smallest diamond we offer is a 1pt. (1 point) diamond that can be set in a variety of ways to include bezel and/or channel set and the price is $24 per diamond. For more pricing on diamonds and settings see our custom gold teeth order form at the bottom of the page.

7. What is the maximum number of teeth that I can cap?
We can do 12 teeth on top and 12 teeth on the bottom. Please ask a representative about more options.

8. How long does it take to get my order?
Estimated timing for completing orders range from 3-7 business days and can depend on your shipping preference and the complexity of your order.

 9. Can I eat or sleep with my caps?
It is not recommended to eat, sleep, or perform extreme activities. However we are aware that some customers do, it is just as important to clean your gold teeth as often as you do your teeth. Gold teeth should be treated as a fashion accessory not dental prosthesis.

 10. How easy is it to remove the gold caps?
It’s as easy as taking them off as it is putting them on.

 11. Do the caps cover the whole tooth?
Yes, the caps cover your front and backside of your teeth except on molar teeth due to interference with bite.

12. How do I clean my caps?
If you are in town we offer free professional life-time cleanings in store. If you are not in town cleaning can be easily done with a polishing cloth (you receive a free one with purchase). To clean the inside of your caps use a soft tip toothbrush.

13. How long will caps last?
Gold teeth can last for a life-time or as long as you take care of them. Limited warranties on teeth are available or if an accident happens or you lose your caps we offer reasonable pricing for repairs or replacements.

14. What types of payments do you accept?
Online we accept money orders or secure PayPal payments which accept all major credit cards and electronic bank transfers. PayPal is a safe and easy way to make online payments. For more information please visit our PayPal link.

15. What do you charge for shipping?
Orders over $1500 receive free overnight shipping. Pricing varies depending on the type of shipping you prefer and where you are located. We offer FedEx, UPS, or USPS 3-day, 2-day, or Overnight shipping.

16. What is your return policy?
 Because the caps are custom made there are no refunds on gold teeth. However, if the product does not fit properly or it is determined by us the caps have a defect due to manufacturing we will fix the item free of charge. Please see extended policy in the terms and policy section of the website.

For more designs of our custom gold & diamond teeth click the following link: Gold Teeth